Saturday, October 24, 2015

Globe's HOOQ.TV an (unethical) scam!!

After being terribly disappointed with the subscription stage and after also after a very disappointing test drive (at least Netflix tries to be do-no-evil), I am now very disappointed with the un-subscription of with Globe.

Globe sends me a message:

Hi! We'd like to remind you that your free HOOQ will end in 7 days on 10/27/2015. Upon expiry, your subscription will auto-renew to the paid version for P149 per month. If you don't want the paid version, text HOOQ STOP to 8888. before the expiry date. Thank you!

I send the HOOQ STOP to 888 and received:

Sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword. Please make sure your keyword is correct with no extra characters and spaces. For more info on promos, dial *143#, FREE from your Globe/TM mobile phone.

I called Globe Support (211).

Here's the scam:

- GoSurf 999 comes with the HOOQ Free Plan

- After the Free HOOQ Plan (which you did not use because it sucks) expires, it will auto-renew without your consent (!!! UNETHICAL !!!)

- The support agents cannot unsubscribe the HOOQ Free Plan because it needs to be on the Paid HOOQ plan before they can unsubscribe. This means after your billing cycle, you will be charged the first month of the Paid HOOQ plan before they can unsubscribe

- Globe (maybe in cahoots with HOOQ for scam revenue) will make you call again to make the bill adjustment!

Let's stand up to companies who are unethical and do evil! May they lose revenue and go to where the evil is!

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