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How to get a US visa with a baby in the Philippines

My wife already has a multiple entry US visa. I want to get one for myself and our baby (11 months old).My parent company in the US also invited me for a training so we aimed for a B1/B2 visa.

I hope my notes below can help.

TIP #1: Smile, look people in the eye when you are talking, make your voice loud and authoritative. BE HONEST!

My schedule is 7:15 AM (I noticed Consuls are in very good mood first thing in the morning).

Arrived at ~6:45AM, immediately went to the entrance. Still made to line a very short line before the 7AM line. I was given the E card (i think because of the baby).

First guard check: make sure you comply (bring only documents)

Filed using an envelope filer and labelled with Post-it or something so you can quickly retrieve

With baby: diaper, wipes, burp cloth
You can buy water and food inside.

Made to wait in the waiting area after the 7AM line. This waiting area is not air-conditioned and it is VERY HUMID so wear clothes that can breath. There is food, water and d…