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Auto-update putty session list in mRemote

> Steps to repro:
> 1) Create a connection with Protocol set to SSH2.
> 2) Browse Putty session list. (Ooops. I want to use a session in the list)
> 3) Create the session under Putty
> 4) Go back to mRemote and browse Putty session list.
> Session list still does not have the newly created session.

The author suggested:

start putty by going to Tools - Options - Advanced - Launch PuTTY
solves the problem.

Ubuntu on Intel D945GCLF (with Intel Atom)

The rig: D945GCLF board
Intel Atom @ 1.6GHZ w/HTIt looks like it's a linux kernel bug:
The ethernet controller is:Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev ff) does not seem to work in any of the Ubuntu versions.Fix: recompile the kernel with patchYou can download my patched packages here (currently uploading, let me know if something is missing): I got the .udeb packages because of this warning: dpkg-gencontrol: warning: deb package with udeb specific field Kernel-Versionor you can do the following steps if you don't trust me:
apt-get source linux-source-2.6.24apt-get build-dep linux-source-2.6.24aptitude install install devscripts build-essential fakerootcd linux-2.6.24/Get this patch: -p 1 < patch-r8169.patchdebuild -us -uc -bInstall the kernel that …

Stuff that sucks...

1) Linksys WRT54G v7 router. Constant hang that requires hard reboot, Atheros chipset that is currently not supported by dd-wrt firmware according to this.

2) Stage6. Useless slow piece of shit.

3) Sonicwall VPN appliance. Shit that does not have a Linux client. (Update (2008/10/26 -- not really that shit. Great and easy interface. Lacking: native Linux VPN client and configuration diff logger.)