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Migration: The Spiral of (In)Security

by Claudia Aradau

E-journal. ISSN 1505-1161. March 2001.

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Jef Huysmans, in an article on migration and European integration, has noted that migration has recently become �located in a security logic�.[1]Discourses of political leaders, feature articles in the media, statistics and communications by police and customs authorities abound in references to the increasing dangers of immigration. Migration, Huysmans argues, is discursively constructed as a threefold danger, in that it posits �existential threats� to the welfare system, to the public order, and to the cultural identity of the community/nation.[2] These new discourses spanning the �European agenda� had not gone unnoticed by the academia. As early as 1993 the Copenhagen School tackled the problem of migration understood in terms of a threat to soci…