Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Docsis-server install in Ubuntu 8.04

Base guide is here

I installed docsis first so this package might have dependencies already installed from docsis.



aptitude install m4


it will look for m4
see if m4 is installed `which m4`
if not, aptitude install m4
if already installed, mod configure script to do the m4 check correctly:
look for this line,

if test "x$ac_is_gnu_m4" = "xGNU"; then

change it to:
if test "x$ac_is_gnu_m4" = "xm4"; then

run ./configure again

if you get this error:
checking for mysql_config... /usr/libexec/mysql_config
configure: error: You need at least mysql 4.0.0, get it at

aptitude install mysql-client mysql-server libmysqlclient15-dev

run ./configure again


make install


root@tds-stg-dhcp02:~/docsis_server-3.5# ls /usr/local/sbin/
Count_IPs Delete_Old_Leases FindIP ListMessages
DB_Config_Encoder docsis_server FindMAC Stress_Config_Generator

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