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Ebay scammer


Gene Paminiano
Claiming to be his wife: Ramona Carmen Paminiano
City States savings account# 011-22-001124-3

TIP: Do not push with the transaction without hearing the seller/buyer's voice on the phone. Record the conversation for publicity purposes.


Anonymous said…
Were you bidding today for the D80 or the Laptop with a guy named "Gene" aka jena_hena25 in ebay?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
My cousin almost bought the D80, Said Items were in Olongapo daw. Sabi ng pinsan ko i-meet siya face-to-face kasi gusto makita yung unit. Ang pinipilit nung Gene i-deposit agad yung money through LBC tapos pick-up nung item. Nagtaka yung pinsan ko. Bakit mo ipipilit na ideposito yung money samantalang malapit na sa Gapo yung pinsan ko.

I already have the numbers for the major branmches of City State Bank. Will post address here when I find it.
Anonymous said…
Sa Cubao daw yung branch. Pwede ba natin habulin ang leche na ito?
Anonymous said…
How did you know sa cubao?
Pwedeng-pwede, may listing ng address yung accounts eh.

Hindi ko na habol yung pera, babawiin ko lang yung kaba nung pinsan ko.
Anonymous said…
I asked city state bank. They will know from the account number.
Anonymous said…
I also already reported to ebay items related to user ilovebags13. It appears to be related to jena_hena25. Also appears to be fraudulent.
Anonymous said…
would they give the address kaya?
gusto ko makaharap tong mokong na to eh.
Anonymous said…
Most probably no without a court order. Ito yung sinabi ng scammer about sa bank account: Bago ko naman iladlad ang bank account na yan planado na. Hanapin mo yung may-ari ng bank account para magkwentuhan kayo ng fate. Hehe. I know you know already know the word identity theft.

Confident ako yung mga taong ganito somehow at some point malasin as buhay. :) Ganyan naman ang end point sa mga masamang tao.
Anonymous said…
Gene, wag ka nang mag-panggap, I can smell your filthy hide.

Don't even drag ilovebags13 in the discussion. You know very well that this account has nothing to do with jena_hena25 and zambong55 which seems to be both yours.

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