Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zenoss: monitor free VMWare ESXi version

We confirmed that the free ESXi version does not allow SNMP gets, only traps.

The original script was taken from here:

Modified script:

We added Fan and power supply, hinted from this page:

Use this guide to add the Data source:

Added as template under:
/Devices /Server /VMWare /ESXi /Templates /esxi-monitor /check_esx_wbmem

Name: check_esx_wbmem
Source Type: Command
Enable true
Use SSH false
Component: blank
Event class: /VMWare/ESXi
Severity: Error
Cycle time: 60
Parser: auto
Command template:
/usr/local/zenoss/python/bin/python /opt/zenoss/libexec/ https://${dev/manageIp}:5989 root passwd

To bind this template to ESXi nodes, go to the device:
Example: /Devices /Server /VMWare /ESXi /

then to its templates:

Menu > Bind templates > Select both the default plus newly created esxi-monitor perf template.

Go back to ESXi suborg, ie:
/Devices /Server /VMWare /ESXi

Access zProperties:

Change zCommandCommandTimeout from 15 to 30.

zencommand restart.


RickertB said...

Sounds great!

I'm just new on the subject of ESX(i) and snmp..

Is there MIB also for zenoss, to show the entries for esxi in a nice way?

The most important thing is can see if a hd crashed or any other hardware component fails...

Jeeva said...

Will this work for ESX ?

Anonymous said...

Most probably yes for ESX.

Nicolas Solop said...

Hi, just followed your post and it seems to be running fine but I have the following question:
When I test the check I only get a message with an "OK" as a result. is this correct? is there any way to show details on the zenoss's dashboard?
Nicolas Solop

Robert said...


ESXi only supports snmp traps and not snmp get requests like ESX. So you might be able to trap info regarding major things.


Yea this should work under ESX but it is a lot easier under ESX since you can install net-snmp and do it using snmp and making setup much easier.


Anonymous said...


great! But how can i mount the file in my runnin zenoss? Sorry but i am a noob in zenoss. :)